Ybor City Photoshoot – Brenda & Lorrie

I know I am sounding like a broken record, but engagement sessions are so important!  I know Brenda and Lorrie now agree after experiencing one first hand with us during their Ybor City Photoshoot.

We started things out simply.  A little walk and some small talk to break the ice before getting to work.  This wasn’t too difficult as we got along with Brenda and Lorrie instantly.  There was plenty of laughs as we all joked with each other to keep the mood light and playful.  This allowed Brenda and Lorrie to relax and enjoy the moment;  to show us their true selves and simply be.  It always makes us love our job when we can bring that out of our clients.  It is our main goal after all.  To us, a couple’s portrait is much more than a pretty picture.  It should be an illustration of what the pair means to each other.  Their hopes, joys, passion and connection.  I feel we accomplished this for Brenda and Lorrie and I know we all look forward to their upcoming wedding.  Enjoy their Ybor City Photoshoot!  #TeamIdocks