Yacht Starship Wedding – April & Troy

Weddings are important. They are one of the few times people allow themselves to celebrate love. If you think about it, that is what weddings are really about. Are you smiling? I hope you are. April and Troy’s Yacht Starship Wedding was just that, a celebration of love.

We aim to capture that feeling of love in our images. We want to show the love and care you took in choosing your details from the wedding dress to the cake and everything in between. We want to show the love you have for your friends. Those special people in your life that you asked to stand with you as you begin your new lives together. They are the witnesses to your love and they are important to us as they are important to you. As two people become one, so do two families. We want to show that love of family. They are there for you through thick and thin and it is often their love for you that guided you to learn how to love another. And of course we want to show the love you have for each other. We capture it all from the gifts and kind words prior to the ceremony, the grand event where your love of each other is publicly proclaimed, and the tender moments afterwards such as first dances, sharing of cake and sneaked kisses and hugs. All this love is what we are trying to capture in images. It is a daunting task, but one we take seriously. I look back on our clients images and smile each time. It is my hope that they do the same.

Enjoy April and Troy’s Yacht Starship Wedding and I hope you can see the love.

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