That Photographer you Contacted…

Some odd things happening lately, and I wanted to posit a thought and some perspective that I don’t think enough people realize about the Wedding Photography Business.

Here’s a quote, one I made up, from another quote I saw recently. It’s mine now 🙂

The Photographer you told, “Let me think about it.” yesterday will be booked by the person who contacted them last week and made a decision today.

-Brian C Idocks

I know, simple common sense, right? But, when you think about it this way, you begin to understand a basic premise of Wedding Photography. It’s not a commodity that can be reproduced at will, it’s a finite volume created for each client by their chosen photographer.

We’ve had a lot of people contact us and we respond, answer questions, maybe even meet and chat some more… then… nothing. We reach out but, I hate to bug people. Then, sometimes a week or two later, they respond. Sadly, too late. That date they wanted is sold to someone else. Maybe someone looking before or even after them. We can’t really hold a date without a contract and retainer, but we do give 5 days “first right of refusal”. Unfortunately… if they wait weeks… there’s nothing I can do.

What am I trying to say here? Am I becoming a pushy jerk? No, not hardly. I’m saying, if you find the photographer you like, whose work you love, in the price range you can afford… what are you waiting for?