The Team Idocks Experience

We are Brian and Derica Idocks, aka #TeamIdocks.

We’re Wedding Photographers, you knew that, right?

“Classic Romanticism with a Modern Twist Elevated by Insightful Observation of the Romantic Rituals of Humanity with a Touch of Humor”

Yep, that’s our style.

Let me tell you a Little Story…

Once upon a time there was this guy who photographed weddings.  He lived in Danbury, Connecticut, but grew up in Dunmore, Pennsylvania where he trained under a professional photographer.  He got the bug for photography early, and that propelled him to start up a few different Wedding Photography businesses along the way.  He even tried his hand at travel and landscape photography.  There was a bit of dabbling in family portraits and even… children’s portraiture.  A few gigs here and there photographing food for local restaurants and products for a pro golfer rounded out this guy’s experiences.  Somewhere along the way, he decided to devote it all to weddings, since… weddings are a combination of family, children, landscape, food, and product shots after all, aren’t they?  The adventure took him to nearly every state in the US and several other countries.

This guy was doing just fine, but wanted more, so he sold off the company in New England, and moved to Tampa Bay, Florida.  Here he discovered a whole different culture of Weddings.  I mean… people get married barefoot on the beach?  Who knew?  Now there was more variety, more personalization, and of course, no snow.  Over time, he found Professional Organizations and discovered Image Competition, where he earned quite the prestigious reputation.  Namely, Tampa Area Photographer of the Year three times!  Sarasota Photographer of the Year twice and was even named “Top 200 Photographers in the World”, not once, but TWICE!

At the same time, there was a girl who was into art, and photography living on the east coast of Florida.  She took the education route, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, and a Master’s in Photography from Ringling School of Art and Design and Rochester Institute of Technology respectively.  She went on to work with a Portrait Photographer and earned some esteem as a competitor too!  She was named Photographer of the Year for her area twice, and earned recognition for service to her local professional photography guild and was even the President of the chapter!

At a State Convention for Professional Photographers, these two met.  Though they knew each other in name only, their paths hadn’t crossed until then.  It was… destiny.  Within months, they had teamed up, and as the guy says, “I stole her”.  They right then and there became #TeamIdocks, but it wasn’t until almost a year later, at what is known as “The Florida School for Photography”, run by Florida Professional Photographers in Daytona Beach, on a stretch of that beach where the guy got down on a knee and proposed.  Another year later and they were married at the same convention where they met, with their wedding being an Educational Seminar with 5 different photographers, and many of the guests being other professional photographers there both for the celebration and the education.

This story is still being written, as nearly 11 years from when they met…. that guy and girl are still best friends, still photographing together, and still loving every minute of it.

What is the Team Idocks Experience?

“There is so much more to being a Wedding Photographer than just a camera and a price list.”

“The Team Idocks Experience” is much more than just a photographer, it’s a team, made up of Brian and Derica who have photographed over 400 weddings together (though they have shot many, many more than that in total!).  The experience starts with your first contact.  We want you to be comfortable.  You hire a Wedding Photographer once in your life (hopefully!) and we know you have no idea what to expect.  We’re not pushy salespeople, we want you to be at ease.

Brian loves escorting Grandmas to and from the photo area when shooting family groups, kind of his favorite thing about weddings!

During any photography session, our eyes are on creating the best images for you, whether it’s family groups, romantic couple shots, or crazy silly candids with friends and family, we pride ourselves in being able to “get the shot” no matter the conditions.

Derica’s favorite part about weddings is…. People Watching!

We use various techniques and our many years of experience, as well as our own artistic sensibilities and creativity to be able to shoot anywhere, any time.  These include “OCF” or Off Camera Lighting, which is a more advanced technique than pointing a flash in someone’s face.  It creates flattering lighting that isn’t necessarily detectable as “flash photography”.  We use some of the best cameras and lenses you can buy today to ensure the highest quality images and efficiency in capturing those moments.  We’re also experts in “Natural Light” Photography where we can capture moments as they happen, naturally using the situation at hand to present the images as artfully as possible.

What do you get with the Team Idocks Experience?

  • Brian and Derica.  Between us, we have over 3,000 weddings worth of experience!
  • A custom experience… meaning your day is unique, so we help you set up times and schedules for photography sessions according to what you want.  Of course, we make a lot of suggestions too!
  • True Wedding Experts!  All that experience lets us stay calm, and keep working, producing great images on even the most hectic of wedding days!
  • Guidance throughout the process.  We help you from Day One to ensure you get the best we can provide.  From helping with timelines and scheduling to Vendor suggestions to pretty much any question you can come up with!  We’re here for you!
  • High Quality Images.  We have won more awards for our photography (real, juried competitions, not WeddingWire Awards, lol) than we should list on a website, to include Brian being named a “Top 200 Photographer in the World”, by PPA, not once… but TWICE!
  • Communication.  Call us, text us, FB message or email!  Email is best and easiest, but… the point is you can reach us!  We take pride in responding to inquiries and questions within minutes or hours, instead of days and weeks!
  • In short, we become friends, not just the hired help.  After all, we’re all there for the same thing… to get you amazing photos!

Get in touch!  Let’s talk more about what we can do for you!