Taylor & Michael’s Sawgrass Lake Park Engagement Session

Part of being a Wedding Photographer or… any kind of people photographer really is being flexible.  I don’t mean bending over backwards or crouching in unusual positions to get the shot, but… we do that too.

This time I mean being creatively flexible and doing all we can to fulfill a promise to a client.

Taylor and Michael chose Phillippe Park for their Engagement Session (I know, the title says Sawgrass Lake Park, I’m getting to that!).  We’re doing their wedding in a few weeks by the way!  Well, they are in Bradenton, so it’s a bit of a hike to get there.  We got a text about an hour before our start time saying, “Accident, we are going to be late.  If we need to reschedule, that’s alright.”.  Well… I did some quick figuring in my head, and realized we -should- be able to make this Engagement Session work!

So, we drive to Safety Harbor to Phillippe Park, and as we pull up to the gates that are normally open… there is a sign on them saying “Park closed due to storm”.  Thanks Irma, you did it again.  A quick call to Taylor, and we find out where they are on I275.  Hmm, not far from Sawgrass Lake Park!  I give a quick rundown of its features and scenery and they agree to do the session there instead.

So… we turn around and head back to St Pete for some photography!  All in all, we lost 20 minutes of our Engagement Session’s allotted time!

Taylor and Michael were amazingly good sports about all of it too.  Communication and cooperation make or break any relationship, including your Wedding Photographer!  Sure, we could have rescheduled, but… where’s the story in that?

Something really cool happened here too… all of our texts, and phonecalls back and forth about this did part of our job for us.  What I mean is… the first 15 minutes of a session is usually getting accustomed to each other, both us and the couple.  This time, by the time we got to the shooting, it was like we’d all known each other for years!

Enjoy Taylor and Michael’s Sawgrass Lake Park Engagement Session Sneak Peek! (I really need a shorter title).