I had to share this photo and the story that goes with it.  This is a photo of Leslie and Evan who just got married and Leslie’s brothers and sisters.  All but one person is smiling pleasantly and being all good for a pretty standard family group shot.  All but one.

Now, some people would cut this photo from the list.  Some would get frustrated at this.

Not me.

This is not a failed photograph, this is a success!

Huh?  I can hear you from here….

This is a memory.  Everyone in that photo and nearby at the time will remember this exact moment.  For one, because of the reaction the little girl had, for two, because I told them this isn’t a bad thing, it’s a good one!

Sure, I would have preferred she relax and smile but… hey, I’m a storyteller.  To me, it’s these “imperfect” photos that help tell your wedding day story.  Sure, someday she might be embarrassed by it, or, she might laugh.  Either way, this is a photo that gets a reaction, people will remember it.

That makes it significant.

Things will go wrong at weddings.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  You know how it goes.