St Raphaels Catholic Church and Poynter Institute Wedding – Erin & Toni

We knew working with Erin and Toni for their St Raphael Catholic Church and Poynter Institute Wedding was going to be a wonderful experience from the moment we said our first hello’s. Boy did they not disappoint!

Erin was an absolute vision in her glamours gown. Every detail was pure elegance. We made sure to take full advantage of some unique details of the Vinoy were everyone got ready as well as the nearby Straub Park. Once the photographic formalities were taken care of it was time to move on to St Raphael Catholic Church for the ceremony. I love the blend of old and new that is St Raphael’s architecture and the use of space for creating a grand and peaceful sanctuary. Afterwards was some time for some more images and then we were off to the Poynter Institute for the reception. This was Brian’s and my first time visiting this unique space and we saw photographic potential around every corner. This was a lovely night filled with love and laughter among family and friends. Delicious food and festive music was abound and smiles were on every face. It was a wonderful event and we are so pleased to have played our part. Enjoy this sneak peek of Erin and Toni’s St Raphael Catholic Church and Poynter Institute Wedding!

Erin & Toni’s Engagement Session:

The Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club:

St. Raphael Catholic Church:

Poynter Institute:

Salon Luxe:

Amici’s Catered Cuisine:

Alessi Bakery:

Marvelous Marvin: