St Petersburg Engagement Photography – Katie & Todd

Engagement Photos should reveal a bit of the couple’s personality.  Not only their own unique traits, but those they have as a couple.  I feel we captured just that with Katie and Todd’s St Petersburg Engagement Photography.

We showed how adorable and playful they can be together, utilizing the colorful backdrop that is downtown St Pete to highlight that aspect.  We also showed how serious and dedicated they are to each other.  You can see in these images their passion and joy.  You can see how proud Katie is of Todd’s work.  They are shown as a team, a unified front.  Together they can conquer anything that life has to offer them.

For us, engagement photography is so much more than pretty pictures.  It is so much more than a fantastic opportunity to work with our clients before the additional stress of the wedding day (though that is a big bonus too).  It is an illustration of all the little things that make their relationship perfectly them.  Enjoy Katie and Todd’s St Petersburg Engagement Photography!