Sand Key Park Engagement – Stephanie and Nick

The Sand Key Park Engagement Session is a classic and brings back a lot of memories for me.  You see, when I first came to Tampa Bay, this place was one that I loved shooting at.  I did countless Engagement Sessions and Family Portraits even Bridal Portraits and a few weddings at Sand Key Park.

sand key park engagement

Stephanie and Nick met Derica and myself for the first time during this session as isn't all that unusual today with everyone's busy schedules.  As I say over and over again... "Do an Engagement Session with your Wedding Photographer!".  I can't stress it enough.

Well, the session was going great, and we all noticed a distinct change in the air.  Clouds were moving in fast, big, dark clouds and in the distance we saw rain.  Yep, this is Florida and we get storms.  We rushed a little, all four of us, and tried to get in as much shooting as we could before the rains came.  All in all I think we might have only cut the session by like ten minutes.  We all made it to the parking lot as the downpour came.

Now... you might be thinking, "Oh well, gonna do that one over again.".  I certainly offered that if they wanted to, since we can't really do anything at that point and I aim to make happy clients.  But, let me tell you, the images were so unique, so interesting, I knew they wouldn't want to!  There's something amazing about seeing an Armageddon sky behind a couple on the beach... just so cool.  If only we could get those skies without the rain!

Anyway, I'm a little late posting this one, and Stephanie and Nick have shown their photos on Facebook, but I wanted to write this one up and show how a good photographer can turn a bad storm into great images!  Enjoy the sneak peek of their Sand Key Park Engagement Session!