Romantic Sand Key Beach Engagement Session – Jasilyn & Javier

How romantic can a Sand Key Beach Engagement Session be? Well, with an adorable couple such as Jasilyn and Javier who’s love for each other is shown with every expression, pretty darn romantic if you ask me. But perhaps I am biased.

You see, there were elements to this particular engagement session that were meaningful to me well beyond the fact that we were photographing it. Jasilyn has these eyes that you can simply get lost in. There are a few images that we captured of her that take my breath away. I can imagine that Javier gets lost in those eyes on a regular basis. Then there is the tender way Javier is with Jasilyn. He is kind, patient and accommodating. His look, touch and mannerisms with Jasilyn are all so gentle. It was simply a joy watching how they interacted with each other. Finally there was Jasilyn’s dress. Have you ever seen a more perfect dress for a beach engagement session? I couldn’t have selected something better myself. Paired with Jasilyn’s single braid hair styling it made for a wonderfully casual bohemian look.

But wait, there’s more. We never assume what a client is looking for in beach engagement photography, but if there is water, and they are willing, then we will take full advantage of that opportunity. Jasilyn and Javier were up for the challenge and so were we. These images took the romance level up to eleven.

After working with Jasilyn and Javier and learning more about them we are looking forward to their upcoming wedding even more! Enjoy their romantic Sand Key Beach Engagement Session.