Romantic Beach Couple Pictures – Victoria and James

The Sunset, crashing waves, an empty beach, what more can one ask for when it comes to a romantic scene?  Perhaps a gorgeous couple?  Well Victoria and James certainly were that.  There romantic beach couple pictures turned out fantastic thanks to all the elements coming together perfectly.

romantic sand key engagement session

You see, we don't pick out timing and day simply haphazardly.  As photographers we know that light can make or break an image.  Of course we bring our own light so that we are ready for anything and can add that little extra when needed, but we like to stack our deck in our favor so to say.  Also, we schedule engagement sessions Tuesday through Thursday, not because the weekends are for weddings (though they are) but mainly because we photograph engagement sessions in public places like the beach or a park and we want the focus to be you, not the thousands of people who like to enjoy those exact same spots during the weekends.  Are you starting to see the logic?  I thought you might. When asked for beach engagement photos what to wear, a fun sundress for her and a button down shirt for him works great.  We encourage you to make it your own but to dress it up a bit and make it the special occasion that it is.  Keep engagement makeup natural and something just a little above what you might wear for everyday.

Victoria and James did a fantastic job not only in picking out dressy casual beach appropriate outfits for their romantic couples photographs, but in taking direction and going with the mood as well.  Their comfort level with each other and eventually with us is evident in their images.  You can see the love they share for each other in their eyes. It was truly a joy and I wish all of our romantic beach couple pictures went as well.  Enjoy their sneak peek!