Punta Gorda Elopement – Stacey and Michael

Life likes to keep things exciting and that certainly was the case for Stacey and Michael’s Punta Gorda Elopement.  Questionable weather, attire changes and a cranky car made the drive South one filled with equal amounts of apprehension and excitement.  Of course throw in a newly blended family welling up with emotions as well as Brian and I working on a more elaborate lighting system and you get… well you get a typical wedding scenario.

punta gorda photographer

You see, EVERY wedding, elopement, engagement session or family portrait has something that throws a wrench in the works.  It is just how life goes.  If you get stuck in what went wrong then you miss out on all the good stuff.  In Stacey and Michael’s case the good stuff was really really GOOD!  Look at those gorgeous children!  Brian and I got to witness some behind the scenes stuff that didn’t get captured for the sake of privacy and compassion that really showed how this already is a family.  A family that cares for each other and is sympathetic towards each other’s feelings.  Look at those clouds!  With relying completely on natural light we would be unable to capture the depth and wonder of those skies as well as the smiling faces in front of them.  So thank you questionable weather for granting us a beautiful and dramatic atmosphere.  So the important stuff took front stage as we aim to do at each and every photo opportunity we take.  I hope Stacey and Michael enjoy what we captured for them and their new family and I hope they always remember to enjoy the good stuff.