Philippe Park Engagement Photos – Angela & Nick

Once in a while we get to work with a couple who are honest in their love with each other, fun, playful, and simply a joy to work with. What am I saying? We are lucky enough to work with couples like this on a regular basis! I think it is because we are real people and treat our couples like real people as well. We want to create once in a life time images for you and we want you to have a great time while it happens. I think it is that honesty of approach and treatment of people that allows us to work with so many wonderful couples. Angela and Nick are a perfect example of our dream couple. We got to solidify this special relationship during their Philippe Park Engagement Photos.

What do I mean by “honest in their love?” Just look at these images. Do you see how Angela and Nick look at each other? You can see in their expressions their genuine love for each other. They don’t hide it from the world. They proudly say with each shared glance, “I love you and I chose you.” I know that may sound sappy, but it is that kind of couple that makes my heart sing as a wedding photographer. Choosing one of our suggested locations for engagement photography aids us in bringing those shared expressions to the forefront. We can focus on learning our clients subtleties and allowing them to be comfortable with us and in front of our lens. It is this comfort, not only with each other but with us that aids in our capture of these tender moments. Philippe Park Engagement Photos have so much range to offer within a small walk so we can capture the love and playfulness in various settings.

We look forward to photographing Angela and Nick’s upcoming wedding so much more now that we have spent this time together. I know their wedding will be fun, playful and certainly full of love. Enjoy their Philippe Park Engagement Photos.