Opal Sands Wedding – Lauren and Neil

We can’t help but get a warm feeling when we have our pre-wedding talk with our couples and when we get to the vendors they chose, they are people who we have worked closely with the in past. I often jokingly say “it takes a village” when speaking about weddings, but in all honesty, it isn’t a joke. When your vendors can communicate and trust one another, it makes their jobs that much easier and thus your day run that much smoother. We knew that when we arrived, the makeup artists were going to be doing their job and keeping us appraised of their timeline (we all know these things can shift a bit and this is where communication is key). We knew the flowers were going to be beautifully arranged. We knew the officiant was going to be articulate and accommodating and he knew we weren’t going to be in his way or keep him waiting. We knew Tammy and crew were going to keep everything moving smoothly. We knew the cake was going to not only be beautiful but tasty. And we knew the music was going to be top notch with a well packed dance floor. It is these little things that makes our job easier. We can focus on our job, photography, knowing that “the village” is all working together. Enjoy Lauren and Neil’s Opal Sands Wedding sneak peek.


Opal Sands Resort: www.opalsands.com/

DeArruda Weddings: dearrudaweddings.com/

Femme Akoi Beauty Studio: femmeakoi.com/

Iza’s Flowers: izasflowers.com/

Special Moments Event Planning: eventsbyspecialmoments.com/

Chantilly Cakes: chantillycakes.com/

Grant Hemond and Associates: granthemond.com/

The Dillingham String Quartet: dillinghamquartet.com/