Marina Jack II Weddings – Rebecca & Garey

We love to photograph weddings. It is true! Even though most weddings follow a similar timeline, there is always something new and different to make each event unique. Rebecca and Garey’s Marina Jack II Wedding had tradition, whimsy, family and fun all rolled into one.

We arrived early to familiarize ourselves with the ship and the crew. It is important to us to have a good working relationship with the other wedding vendors. The confines of a ship make this even more poignant as we don’t want to interrupt their workflow and still be able to capture everything we need. Marina Jack II’s crew was not only professional, but friendly and helpful. This made working with them easy and a joy.

Rebecca and Garey chose a Gatsby theme for their wedding celebration. All their guests dressed to the nines and really got into the mood. This gave the whole day an added bit of whimsy and fun. I find that themed weddings add to the frivolity of the day, transporting guests to another time and place. It was standing room only for the intimate ceremony. This reminded me of what I imagine weddings were like, back in the day. Rather than feeling casual, it felt intimate and more meaningful. Rebecca and Garey’s guests were part of the event, adding their hopes, joys and love to the couple’s.

We worked with Rebecca and Garey’s schedule rather than sticking with tradition. They didn’t intend to have much formality or traditional wedding events, so this gave time for the couple to enjoy the camaraderie of their guests. We made sure to take some time to capture all the important groups, but at a pace that wasn’t rushed or pushed. I hope you enjoy their sneak peek as much as we did in capturing it. #TeamIdocks

Marina Jack II:

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