Magical Sand Key Sunset Engagement Session with Crystal and James

Life happens and we understand that.  For us, communication is key.  Do you need to reschedule?  No problem.  We will work with you.  Is traffic crazy (as usual) and you are running late?  Just give us a call, email or text and we will wait for you if at all possible.  If not, well that is where the rescheduling can save the day.  Did you baby sitter bail on you last moment so you brought a friend to watch your kids so that we can still make your engagement session romantic and just about the two of you? Awesome!  Good thinking!  High fives all around!

sand key park engagement sessionYep, you guessed it.  That is what happened to Crystal and James but they were quick on their feet and everything went perfectly! So perfect in fact... I was starting to wonder if James had special mind reading abilities.  It seemed that every time I was ready with a slight pose modification James was right there with me and doing exactly what I was getting ready to suggest!  This made my day, perhaps even my year, so thank you very much James for being helpful and easy to work with. Crystal is a little sprite of a thing.  She was all smiles and I could imagine her as a mischievous pixie playing in some secluded glade.  But that is how my mind works.  Needless to say, Crystal and James were a delight to work with and we enjoyed every moment of our time with them. Enjoy their Sand Key Engagement sneak peek!