Lianne and Bryan at the Hilton Clearwater Beach

Beach Wedding… just the words conjure up the ideas of sand between your toes, the sky reddening with sunset beginning, everyone outside, enjoying the fresh air, that weird guy with the back hair in the speedo standing right behind your officiant …. err… skip that last part.  This is Florida, and the coast of Florida at that.  We get a lot of beach weddings, and many of them are at the Hilton Clearwater Beach as it turns out.  Melissa does such a great job and we love working with her!  For Lianne and Bryan’s event, they decided on an all outdoor motif, since they spend a lot of time at the beach (Bryan used to race waverunners!).  They opted for decorating the back patio at the Hilton, and I gotta say, I recommend this to anyone getting married there!  Iza from Iza’s Flowers is so amazing.  I walked into the room, and knew she was the florist, yeah, she’s that good.  Nicole from Confetti Events was on hand to keep things on schedule and the cake by Chantilly Cakes was amazing as always.  Enjoy their sneak peek photos!