Kristen and David’s Philippe Park Engagement Session

So.  People really don’t like having their photo taken.  It’s kind of a fact across most of the board, except Derica, she actually likes it.

Another one is people hate smiling for cameras.  I can’t blame them really, I get all squinty when I do.  Again, all except Derica, she likes to.

Kristen and David were pretty amazing, though they wouldn’t think so.  He doesn’t smile, so he says, but… I learned his secret.  He smiles when he looks at her.  Kristen claimed to be nervous around people.  Well, maybe some people, but not David.

Here’s the funny thing about Engagement Sessions and being a Professional Photographer.  Sometimes, well, okay, a lot of times, the Engagement Session is the first time we meet face to face with our couples.  Yes, our couples, because I claim you, all of you, as my people… in a good way.  So if that’s the first we meet and we’re there to photograph you, there is an inherent fear and insecurity for most people, again, not Derica though.  I personally hate having my photo taken, as I think I look goofy in every one.  So, the first fifteen minutes of every session are usually spent getting to know each other a little.  The photos are sometimes awkward since you don’t know what to do or expect, and I try my best to keep the first few on the easy side.  We save cartwheels and handstands for later in the session.

Well… the first click of the shutter with these two told me we are good.  We can work together.  David has this great stoic look but then softens at the sight of Kristen, and Kristen’s smile is just so natural.  They worked together so well, and seamless, and there were so many tiny moments of interaction between them.  It was great.

Hope you enjoyed their sneak peek!