Kinsey and Corey’s Casa Lantana Wedding

Casa Lantana.  Though only our second time working there, it’s a wonderful place for a wedding.  The grounds are gorgeous, and the house is simply breathtaking.  There’s also some logistical things to consider that are included:  Separate, and divided Girl’s and Guy’s Ready Rooms.  They guys even have a pool table and theater room.  Don’t underestimate the value in having things like this all in one location on your wedding day.  After all, would you rather spend time (and money) driving or being driven from place to place or would you rather just be all in one location, and relax and enjoy the day?

To say Kinsey and Corey are a fun loving couple would be an understatement.  They both work in the Carnival industry and I overheard that Corey actually works on the same machines his Father and Grandfather before him did.  To me, that’s awesome.  He also went to the Ringling Clown School and he showed off a little of that training in some of the photos, funny stuff.  Kinsey was easygoing, never frazzled, and just enjoyed her time with family and friends.  There was quite a mix of people there, some from Florida, some from Alabama, and, Kinsey’s family… from England!

We had some opportunities to work with some of the family, their bridal party and of course, some time with Kinsey and Corey alone.  The day went so smoothly and everyone seemed to really have a nice, relaxing, enjoyable time!

Enjoy the Sneak Peek of some of their images!

Casa Lantana:

Affordable Catering:

DJ Brandon James:

Brides by Young, Chicago: