JoAna & Mark’s MacDill Air Force Base Wedding

As far as Air Force Bases go, MacDill has a very lovely park.  I hail from the other coast of Florida, and lived near Patrick Air Force Base.  Sure they had a park too, and as a girl scout, I visited there for a camping trip.  Our park was more or less a group of Pine trees that they didn’t tear out and pave over.  MacDill’s park has paths with that neat mushy pavement that is great for jogging on as well as landscaping, docks, benches and a pavilion. It is also conveniently located between where JoAna and Mark held their ceremony, the MacDill Chapel, and their reception, the Surf’s Edge Club.  We stared the day with getting ready images of the soon to be newlyweds.  We played the game of hide and seek to keep them apart from each other but still use the space for images.  Then on to the ceremony with Kevin Busse officiating.  Some formal and not so formal portraits then off to the park!  It was such a lovely day with a nice breeze.  We took advantage of the various scenery and made sure to capture the Tampa skyline in the background of one or two of the happy couple’s portraits.  Then it was time to rejoin the family and guests at the Surf’s Edge Club where D.J. Brownie took over.  He kept the dance floor moving and everyone having a great time.  The stage there made gave Brian and I a great vantage point for some fun dancing images as well as large group shots.
Enjoy their sneak peek!