Sunken Gardens Wedding – Jennifer and Cody

The Sunken Gardens Wedding, a St Pete classic complete with lots of family, dancing, and plenty of romantic photos.

A botanical paradise as a wedding backdrop?  Yes please and thank you! Jennifer and Cody’s chose to have a Sunken Gardens Wedding which made for a beautiful ceremony site.  The lush vegetation and meandering paths created a unique experience for the guests to enjoy.  The nearby reception site added the comfort of air conditioning to the scenic view.  The best of both worlds, who could ask for more?

Brian and I started off the day with an early arrival to give us time to scope out the different areas to be used throughout the day.  We wanted to make sure to give Jennifer and Cody as many different looks for their photography so that as much of the gardens could be captured without dragging Jennifer all over which would sap her energy for the party to come and cause more harm to her wedding dress.  Luckily, Sunken Gardens delivers on variety and the walk was short and shaded.

Then it was time to get to work.  Getting ready pictures of the blushing bride, her attendants and one adorable ring bearer.  Of course we made sure to capture all of Jennifer’s details as well as some candids.  Once the gentlemen arrived, they received the same treatment, then before you knew it, it was ceremony time.  We capture things as they happen and pride ourselves in attempting to remain as unobtrusive as possible during ceremonies.  After all, this is why we are all gathered today and we have equipment and experience that allows us to capture the action without affecting the intimate and personal atmosphere.  Afterwards it is time for formal portraits, perhaps one of the most dreaded times for all involved.  We know this and we aim for it to go as quickly and smoothly as possible with a touch of humor added to keep everyone at ease.  Each group is photographed and dismissed so they can enjoy themselves till only the couple and Brian and Derica are left.  This is undoubtedly our favorite time of wedding coverage; romantic couples portraits.  It also gives the couple a moment to relax and enjoy each other’s company without hordes of people vying for their attention.

Party time!  The reception ran smoothly with Jason from Grant Hemond and Associates at the helm.  The night continued without a hitch, great food, great music and a great time was had by all. We wish Jennifer and Cody all the best.  Enjoy their sneak peek!


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