Isla Del Sol Engagement Session – Ken & Kaley

I know I have stated time and again how important engagement sessions are. Getting romantic images of you and your favorite person is great, sure, but the relationship that is cultivated within that time between photographer and client is priceless. There is another aspect of the Engagement Session that I may have glossed over and that is location. It aids greatly when we are familiar with the location we are working at. That way we can focus on getting to know you, the client, rather than figuring out the best areas of a new location. This is why we have recommendations for locations on our engagement sessions based on the look each individual couple wishes to achieve. So, when we found out that Ken and Kaley were residents of Isla Del Sol, we knew right away that this was the perfect spot for their engagement session. Not only are we super familiar with the grounds due to working there many times before, but this is home for Ken and Kaley, adding to the meaning and impact of their images.

We focused on the bridge and beaches as walking the path that leads between them is something of an evening ritual for this charming couple. Looking at this location with new eyes and focusing on it’s unique details adds time and place to their images and elevates what may have become mundane to them as something beautiful. We hope they can look back at these images and perhaps they will bring a new skip to their step for future evening walks. Enjoy their Isla Del Sol Engagement Session sneak peek.