Ok, so, you’ve looked at hundreds of websites, scoured Facebook, Weddingwire, and numerous other sources and you keep coming back to us.  We like that.  What do you do now?

If we have your date and you want to know more about us, next step is a call or email to set up a meeting.  Meetings are easygoing, no pressure.  We simply want to know if we are a fit for you and if you’re a fit for us (yeah, that’s right, we choose you as much as you choose us).

What happens at this meeting?  Well, we will most likely offer to meet at a Starbucks, and there’s only a few we like that still have large tables for 4 or more people.  Yes, we meet at Starbucks, or sometimes Panera Bread.  Why?  Well for one, I don’t want you to have to pay rent for your wedding photographer.  Second, I simply can’t make a Chai Tea Latte as good as they can.  Seriously though, we had a fancy studio, and found that we were charging people a lot of extra money for meeting us there.  Sad part is, we didn’t get to keep any of it and it did our clients no good.  So we closed it, lowered our prices and moved on, happily.

Anyway, at this meeting, we will show you lots of our work.  Some books, albums, possibly some prints.  One thing to note:  Everything we show is REAL client work.  We didn’t do a mock wedding with models just to show off, not saying anyone does that, but simply saying we don’t.  We will talk about your wedding day, timings, how things go at a “typical” wedding (I personally think using the word “typical” and “wedding” in the same statement is hysterical).  We might ask you some important questions… like, “Do you like to be near each other?  and, kiss? maybe hold hands?”.  We always ask the tough stuff.  We’re just trying to get a feel for what you like and how we might be able to work together.

At the end of the meeting, we will probably ask what other photographers you’re looking at.  Mostly curiosity, as we do all our own Website Building, SEO and Marketing.  It’s good to know who we’re being compared to.  If you don’t remember their names, that’s ok too.

Of course we will ask if you’re ready to hire a photographer, and will it be us?  It’s only fair.  It’s alright to say you need some time.  It’s a big choice, a fairly large investment of money and not something we want you to rush.  Normally, we offer you some peace of mind, about 5 days “first right of refusal”.  This simply means we won’t sell your date without giving you at least a heads up and an opportunity to hire us first.  So if we got a call a couple days later and they were ready to sign, I’d ask what you wanted to do first.  Make sense?

Once you have decided to hire us:

We will write up a “Wedding Photography Agreement”.  It’s a contract, we all know that, but “contract” is such a dirty word.  Then we will request a retainer from you.  Retainers are just $300 no matter what package you bought.  Oh, you DO need to choose a package for the Wedding Photography Agreement.  You can always add anything else to it, but… we don’t go backwards, get it?  So if you KNOW you need 6 hours, and an album… get it.  If you think you might need more time or a parent book or two, might be better to add them later.  Putting it in the Agreement locks in the price, anything NOT written there is subject to price changes, which happen, but not too often, but they do.

Then the long wait.  Yep, you normally hire a Wedding Photographer several months to a year or longer in advance of your wedding.  In that time, there’s really not a lot we need to do.  Feel free to friend us on Facebook and say hi every so often…. but, until we get to scheduling your Engagement Session or detailing times for the wedding day, we have the long wait.  Don’t worry, we didn’t forget you, promise!

Speaking of engagements, we do have a lot to say about them (check here for some info: www.briancidocks.com/engagement-sessions-faq/)  One thing… we recommend doing them in the SPRING, FALL, and WINTER…. now…  what did I leave out?  That’s right… its hot here in Florida and I’m a realist.

All throughout this process…. please, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Ask questions!  Its that one question you didn’t ask that might have made all the difference.  If you’re worried you might look silly or stupid in front of us…. let me ask you…. have you actually READ anything on our website?  Don’t worry, we don’t bite, well not too hard really.

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you,


Brian and Derica Idocks (a.k.a.  just Brian and Derica, we’re so not formal around here)