Heather and AJ’s Ybor Engagement Session

Brian and I believe that it doesn’t matter who you are when it comes to photography.  For us, the only thing that is required is that you love your partner and you learn to trust us.  If you can do those two things than we can create something tender for you. We often have couples who are uncomfortable in front of a camera’s lens (Brian is one of those types of people himself) and we work hard to ease the tensions.  If you can take a deep breath and simply relax then we can capture a lovely memory for you that can last a lifetime.

We learned a lot about Heather and AJ during their engagement session. We learned of their love for each other, their attachment to Ybor and their take things as they come kind of attitude.  I hope they learned a thing or two about us as well, like we don’t bite, photography doesn’t have to be scary and the experience can be fun.  We look forward to working with them again at their upcoming wedding.