Groom’s Ybor Shoot with Briston George

I still get excited about photography.  You would think that after being a professional for well over a decade that the joy might start to fade, but I can honestly say that isn't the case. It is rare for us to get a man in front of our cameras who is not only happy to be there, but who takes an active part in the process.  Enter stage left, Briston.

ybor groom photographyNow we did hit the jackpot with Briston a bit as he is a professional actor.  Sometimes working with people who are used to being in front of the lens is a burden rather than a boon.  This was not the case with Briston.  He took direction beautifully and seemed to instantly connect with us in a way that made it easy to convey a mood or a feeling that we were looking for in the images.  We would move from one spot to another in Ybor's alleys and backstreets and then we would discuss what pose or lighting we would use.  After a few shots Briston joined in the conversation and was spot on with his input.  We turned our language toward movies as descriptors.  The Sin City look or film noir came up more than once.  Of course we couldn't neglect his part as the iconic James Bond and made sure to add that feel to an image or two.  I think after enjoying Briston's Ybor Groom Shoot you can imagine him playing that role.


Briston is a local actor, writer and director...

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