Medieval Themed Wedding – Gabriella and Nathan

A Medieval Themed Wedding complete with costume, Dragons and a Dinosaur for Nate and Gabriella.

You would like to hire us to photograph a garden wedding in medieval attire? Yes please and thank you!

Gabriella and Nathan are a wonderful couple and we enjoyed every moment we spent with them from their consultation, to their engagement session and wedding.  We knew Nathan as that striking “Viking” at his sister’s wedding that we had the honor of photographing.  You see, there was a photo booth with props and Nathan was far too natural in a plastic “Viking” helm.  We of course captured that moment and he stood out in our memory.  When we then later met with Gabriella and Nathan for their own wedding consultation we recognized him right away, even without his trademark helm.  We were already familiar with how wonderful and fun Nathan’s family is that we were very excited at the opportunity to work with them again.  However, when Gabriella told us that their wedding was medieval themed, I couldn’t hide my Ren Fair based joy!  Yes, I am one of those people.  To further illustrate, I was slightly distraught when as I dressed to photograph their wedding I realized that all my theme appropriate clothing made far too much noise and would distract from my duties as a stealthy observer and documentor.  To say this job was right up my alley would be a vast understatement.

Once Brian and I arrived at the picturesque grounds of the Manatee River Garden Club and the guests in full themed attire started to gather, my excitement grew in momentum.  I am fairly certain that I walked about with a look of glee at all the effort everyone put in to making Gabriella and Nathan’s day fantastic. There were knights, druids, Fae and royalty all in attendance. The spectacle made my little nerdy heart sing.  The officiant was dressed appropriately and held a gleeful ceremony.  The cake was a castle with dragons.  A dinosaur even made a grand entrance to the dance floor.  I had no idea that dinosaurs were such enthusiastic dancers.  Everyone was socializing, laughing, enjoying the theme appropriate food (there was venison!) and having a grand ol time. I would dare say that it was a perfect event to celebrate Gabriella and Nathan’s love.

Brian and I would like to thank everyone for making the effort to make this day special and most importantly, Gabriella and Nathan for choosing us to capture their day.  Enjoy their sneak peek.


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