Fort De Soto Park Engagement Session – Kristen & Jorge

Fort De Soto Park is the perfect location for an engagement session as Kristen and Jorge found out.  It has beautiful natural settings, the historic Fort, boardwalks and of course ocean views with a perfect opportunity for a glorious sunset.
Kristen is the kind of lady who knows what she wants.  For her romantic engagement session with her fiance, Jorge, she wanted a sunset.  No problem, we can make that happen.  But she didn’t necessarily want beach which made it slightly more difficult to arrange.  No worries, Fort De Soto has a lovely boardwalk that can keep you off of the sand but still grant you a beautiful sunset over the ocean.  We of course took advantage of the other picturesque spots that Fort De Soto has to offer and ended all with the all important sunset.
Enjoy Kristen and Jorge’s Fort De Soto Park Engagement Session sneak peek!  #TeamIdocks