Elopement Photography

Elopements are a new, yet old thing.  We offer Elopement Photography, and we really want to be your Elopement Photographers!

Back in the day, when someone said they were eloping, they meant skipping down to the Justice of the Peace and standing in a tiny office while performing their nuptial ceremonies.  Well, times have changed.  The Elopement has Evolved, and we love it.  Today you hire an Elopement Photographer and get amazing images, back then… not so much.

Here in Tampa Bay, we see many couples choosing to use St Petersburg and Clearwater beaches for an elopement instead of a traditional wedding.  We also have locations like University of Tampa to provide a great backdrop for elopement photography.  There’s always Fort DeSoto, and many other really cool locations for your getaway adventure style elopement.

What’s different?  Well, today they last just a couple of hours, are usually in some cool location like the beach, or a park or… the middle of nowhere, and have fewer than 20 guests if any at all.  They are not just an escape from a typical Wedding, they are a rebellion against traditional weddings!  In a good way, of course.

There are many companies offering Elopement Packages in Tampa Bay, some of them include your ceremony decor, an officiant, maybe even Elopement Photography or Videography.  They vary in services and costs of course, but I’m not here to talk about them, I want you to know what we can offer you for Elopement Photography.

Envision this…  a casual, laid back time in a hotel room while you and your intended get dressed and ready in relative peace and quiet, maybe a few family or friends nearby, or maybe you’re alone.  Think small.  We could capture a few candid moments during this time, and maybe some portraits, or… you can opt to skip this part altogether and we can join you at the ceremony site.

The ceremony!  Elopement Wedding Ceremonies are usually pretty simple affairs, with the focus on who, and where, rather than what others will think.  After all, if you wanted a ton of opinions on your Elopement, you’d have invited them, right?  We stay out of the way and let the ceremony flow as it was intended, they’re usually fifteen minutes or less.

Then… the cool part.  Some amazing portraits of the two of you in your chosen location.  We can even location hop and bounce around to get photos in different places!  The point is to celebrate this adventure you’re undertaking and get you some cool photos.  After all, those folks you didn’t invite might want to see how your dress looked too…  That is if you want to show ’em!

So, the burning question in everyone’s mind, or at least in yours, “What is the Cost of Elopement Photography?”.  Well, that partially depends on what you want, and partially depends on the day of the week, and of course, how far your Elopement will be from St Petersburg, Florida.

We offer Elopements 7 days a week.  Many Elopement Photographers will only photograph them on weekdays, and I can appreciate that.  After all, they are usually at the best time of day, just like weddings, and… well, they generally don’t pay as much as a full wedding.  It makes sense, but… we like Elopement Photography, so… we’re making an exception, but that’s why it costs just a wee bit more on the weekend.  Oh, if you’re pretty far from St Pete, well, we will have to charge a little more for the time and travel, but we’re reasonable people and more than happy to try to work with ya!

Couple of things though…  We don’t offer this for actual full weddings where you want formal family photos, have a big bridal party, etc.  There is no reception coverage, there are no family formals, it’s about you and your spouse-to-be, and getting crazy amazing photographs of the two of you.  If you’re looking for full wedding coverage, we do that too.  Just go here.