Edlyn and Jason’s St Petersburg Beach Engagement Session

One of the secret joys of my job is showing a person their inner beauty.  So many of us hate getting their picture taken.  I could go on and on about society’s hang ups and how many of us suffer from a low self image, but I won’t bore you with my side interests in phycology.  After all, that would be more appropriate for another forum.  No, I am talking about simply showing someone that they can be beautiful and that perhaps their distorted view is from the multitude of badly lit snapshots and the dreaded “selfie” that makes a less than ideal picture.  So in steps Brian C Idocks Photographics stage right.  When we get to know a couple and find out what they like and don’t like we can literally put their best face forward.  May I present to you the fabulous Edlyn and Jason.  They are a beautiful couple!  Somewhere down the line someone got the notion that they didn’t take a nice picture.  I don’t know where they got that idea, because they are looking mighty good from where I stand.  😉  Enjoy their sneak peek and if you get the hankering, let us help you find your inner beauty too!