Danielle and Matthew: Engagement at Straub Park

It’s Spring…. therefore…. ENGAGEMENT SEASON!  Yep… we will be doing a lot of ’em!  We met Danielle and Matthew for the first time at their Engagement Session, which isn’t all that unusual today.  Everyone has busy schedules, and sometimes setting up face to face meetings are just plain hard.  We get that.  That’s part of why our website has so much information for our potential and current brides and grooms and it’s why we design it ourselves and write every word on there.  This way, even if we can’t meet face to face, you can get a pretty good idea of what we’re like.  After all, if you don’ t like your photographers…. what do you expect from your photos?  Anyway… we had a great day to work with Danielle and Matthew, and they worked so well together!  Looking forward to their wedding!  Here’s their sneak peeks: