Chelsea and Tony’s Engagement Session at The University of Tampa

Yes, I know, we’ve shown a lot of Engagement Sessions at University of Tampa in the past few weeks.  What can I say… it’s a popular and BEAUTIFUL location.  Chelsea and Tony were fantastic.  They worked so well together it was like they’d done this a hundred times before.

This brings me to an interesting conundrum I see in the Wedding Industry.  There are two points of view for “sameness”.

What do I mean?  Well… for one, we have done hundreds of sessions at University of Tampa, and about half a dozen or so in the past few weeks alone.  How do we keep it fresh and new?

Easy.  And… here’s a little secret:  Your Wedding Photography and Engagement Photography isn’t about the location or that new outfit you wore for it.  It’s about you and your fiance.  It’s about the story and connection between you.  Then, add Derica and myself into the mix, and a whole new set of connections is made.  Just with those 4 “subjects”, the possibilities are endless and that makes each session unique, no matter where they take place.  No one can ever be you.

The second is this weird phenomenon of referrals.  I’ve heard people say, “Sure, your photographer was great, but I can’t use the same one.”.  To this I say, “Why not?  Unless you look like your friend, your fiance looks like their fiance, you’re at the same location on the same day, wearing the same dress, have the same cake, invite the same guests, and have the same family… your wedding photos will be drastically different than your friend’s.”.  The only constant is… they’ll be good, and you’ll know it because you have personal experience with that Photographer.

Anyway, no more distractions, here’s Chelsea and Tony!