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Some things we thought you’d like to know.

Six Helpful Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Run Smoothly!

1) Have All Events Happen in One Location. This might sound a bit blasé at first, but hear me out. One person can travel from point A to point B in a relatively consistent amount […]

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So you want the best…..

Best.  Think about that word for a moment.  Go ahead… I’ll wait. Done?  Good. Ok.  Being the best means the pinnacle, the Top Dog, the Big Cheese, Numero Uno.  No one can touch you, everyone […]

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Personal Satisfaction

Personal Satisfaction from a wedding photographer’s perspective, what it means and why it is important to us. Hello again and welcome to another of my articles, written from the heart.  This time, I want to […]

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A Little Bit of Honesty….

Yes, this will be one of –those- articles.  Some things have been bothering me for quite some time.  For some reason, I feel the need to expunge this feeling from my gut and dispel my […]

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Award Winning! But….. what exactly does that mean?

  When you go to a Photographer’s Website, do you see something that looks like this? Yeah, me too….   It seems the new culture and tradition in Photography is to proclaim from the highest […]

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“But I need to get mine too!”

From the title alone most of you probably have no idea what this article is about, though some of you do, I am sure.  It’s about guests… at your wedding…. with cameras, cell phones, tablets, […]

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Some secrets about Wedding Photography, Photographers…. and… the Industry in General

I used to be pretty vocal on our blog or on another blog I had named Brianized.  I realized that all that vocalization really wasn’t helping any.  I was making myself look like an ass, […]

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Engagements…… They aren’t just for photos anymore….

Ok, so…. something has been happening lately.  Like… a lot.  We are getting a ton of inquiries (which we love!), but…. may people are saying, “We don’t need an Engagement Session”, or “We did an […]

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Wedding Photography…. not for the faint of heart…..

I found this article…. its… in a word… Amazing.  Puts into words things I have felt for many years and let me know it’s ok and good to feel that way. Here’s the original: […]

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