Bridal Portraits – Katie

I miss Bridal Portraits. Sure I might be showing my age, but “back in the day” bridal portraits were a big deal. These formal sessions were photographed before the wedding day, normally in a formal studio setting. Why has this trend faded away? I suppose because the formality of it all has lost favor in the modern world and those old school large framed portraits of the bride proudly displayed at the reception are a thing of the past. But why? Why not make that old tradition something new and have fun with it? That is exactly what we did with Katie for her Fort De Soto Bridal Portraits.

Katie was smart and scheduled her hair and makeup trial for the day of her bridal session. That way she was picture perfect and didn’t have to make multiple appointments. She also brought her mom with her so that she could help with little things like carry a cute umbrella for some images and a sheet to keep her dress as clean as possible. We worked with the rustic scene that is Fort De Soto rather than against it. The contrast made Katie in her beautiful gown really pop! We also made use of the paths and sea oats for some dramatic fashion styled sunset images.

These images did make their way to the reception, but rather than one giant framed portrait, there was a sprinkling of smaller images along with the images from their engagement session added to the décor. It was a great way to modernize the good old standard bridal portrait. I encourage other brides-to-be to consider the benefits of adding this style of session to their wedding day coverage.

~Derica #TeamIdocks

Fort De Soto Park: