Fort De Soto Park Engagement Session – Kristen & Jorge

Fort De Soto Park is the perfect location for an engagement session as Kristen and Jorge found out.  It has beautiful natural settings, the historic Fort, boardwalks and of course ocean views with a perfect […]

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Ybor City Photoshoot – Brenda & Lorrie

I know I am sounding like a broken record, but engagement sessions are so important!  I know Brenda and Lorrie now agree after experiencing one first hand with us during their Ybor City Photoshoot. We […]

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St Petersburg Engagement Photography – Katie & Todd

Engagement Photos should reveal a bit of the couple’s personality.  Not only their own unique traits, but those they have as a couple.  I feel we captured just that with Katie and Todd’s St Petersburg […]

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Marina Jack II Weddings – Rebecca & Garey

We love to photograph weddings. It is true! Even though most weddings follow a similar timeline, there is always something new and different to make each event unique. Rebecca and Garey’s Marina Jack II Wedding […]

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That Photographer you Contacted…

Some odd things happening lately, and I wanted to posit a thought and some perspective that I don’t think enough people realize about the Wedding Photography Business. Here’s a quote, one I made up, from […]

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How to Make Your Wedding Photos NOT Suck

So you’re getting married!  Yay!  You’ve got a lot of work ahead of you… you know this, right?  All the planning, hiring vendors, etc.  Amid all this, there are some things you can do to […]

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Posed and Candid… when and where!

We hear this all the time, “I don’t want posed photos. I just want things to be natural and candid moments.”. I can totally understand it too. All those wedding photos from the 70’s…. I […]

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Isla Del Sol Wedding – Angela & Nick

Isla Del Sol is a great venue for a wedding.  It has a private beach, a beautiful ballroom with water views, and spacious grounds.  Angela and Nick’s Wedding was a perfect fit for Isla Del […]

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Sunset Beach Wedding – TaShanda & Melvin

TaShanda and Melvin’s Sunset Beach Wedding is proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have the perfect wedding. TaShanda initially thought that a very intimate affair would be ideal for her and […]

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