Bridal Portraits – Katie

I miss Bridal Portraits. Sure I might be showing my age, but “back in the day” bridal portraits were a big deal. These formal sessions were photographed before the wedding day, normally in a formal […]

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Armature Works Wedding – Danielle & Thomas

Armature Works lets your unique style shine through on your wedding day.  It’s eclectic décor fits perfectly nearly any aesthetic; from cozy and rustic to over-the-top lavish. Danielle and Thomas’ wedding was a delightful collection […]

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Station House St Pete Wedding – Kayla and Joshua

Station House St Pete has the vibe of downtown with it’s eclectic décor. It even has an open air ceremony site on a balcony that transports you to the heart of downtown St Pete while […]

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Backyard Wedding – Kathryn & John

If you had the spacious backyard that Kathryn and John have, then I believe you couldn’t think of a more perfect location for your wedding. Don’t let the concept of a backyard wedding fool you. […]

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Revolutionary Life Church Wedding – Melissa & Jim

Melissa and Jim got married at Revolutionary Life Church in Lutz Florida. We were there to capture it all. We started out with getting ready images at Residence Inn Northpointe. Melissa was in the midst […]

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Front Street Civic Center Wedding – Ashley & Mathew

One of the joys of being a Florida native and a recognized speaker through professional photography organizations is that sometimes you get to step out of your “norm.” Granted, our “norm” is a rather extensive […]

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Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Wedding – Tracey & Lee

We always look forward to a Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Wedding. Tracey and Lee’s was no exception, but little did we know, it was going to be so much more. You see, I am a […]

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Yacht Starship Tampa Weddings – Chevonne & Justin

Chevonne and Justin made the right choice in celebrating their love on the Yacht Starship. Their friends and family enjoyed the picturesque views that only a cruise can provide. Great food, a full bar and […]

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Yacht Starship Tampa Wedding – Tori & Mark

Tori and Mark’s Yacht Starship Wedding was casual and fun with emphasis on family and friends. They prioritized the things that are important to them so that their wedding could be a true reflection of […]

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