Backyard Wedding – Kathryn & John

If you had the spacious backyard that Kathryn and John have, then I believe you couldn’t think of a more perfect location for your wedding. Don’t let the concept of a backyard wedding fool you. This was a full scale event with décor, lighting, catering and plenty of dancing. Kathryn and John transformed their space into something special. Lights wrapped the trees and hung above the dance floor. Due to the location even their beloved dog, Ava, got to take part in the celebration.

Kathryn looked so elegant in her gown and John dressed up nicely as well. This lovely couple got to enjoy the comforts of home, literally, during this intimate event. You can tell by the sea of smiles that everyone had a wonderful time celebrating their love. Enjoy their backyard wedding sneak peek. #TeamIdocks

Beauty Brought Out:

Delectables Fine Catering:

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Delite Entertainment: