Alycea & Jerry’s Tampa Bay Watch Wedding

Sometimes you just have to do it your way. I don’t know a better time to do something your way than your wedding day. Weddings typically have a flow that is similar to others simply due to venue changes, church schedules and the lighting of the day. When those things don’t come into play and you have something different in mind, don’t be afraid to talk with your prospective vendors to see if they can fit your needs. Alycea and Jerry had a very different wedding day planned. Admittedly, Brian and I were at first hesitant. Wait a minute… you want to do your cocktail hour first thing? But once we talked it all out, it made perfect sense. You see, Alycea and Jerry wanted to have their own day of fun. And who wouldn’t? I mean if celebrating your promise to spend the rest of your lives together isn’t a little bit fun then what does that say about your relationship? Alycea and Jerry had a unique insight to what their perfect wedding day would be. It would be relaxed. It would be fun. It would be filled with time spent with family and friends. And most importantly, it would be joyous. I think Alycea and Jerry, with the help of their family and friends, accomplished just that. Enjoy their sneak peek.