Paola and Reshad’s Engagement

Another of our Engagement Sessions nearly got rained out recently.  Such is the downfall of being a Florida wedding photographer.  These past two months have been particularly challenging with the seemingly endless supply of gloomy cloud cover.   Luckily, the University of Tampa and it’s grounds are gorgeous regardless of the weather.  Paola and Reshad’s wedding is coming up soon and they wanted to get this session in before the big day so, the rain was really making things difficult.  But…. a little break in the rain, and the sun came out.  Things dried off a little and we were able to create some great images for them.  We love locations that can give our clients a large of variety of looks with minimal walking distance.  Just a leisurely stroll and you have gorgeous architectural accents, lush tropical gardens, interesting sculpture and fountains along with the riverside.  Makes great backdrops for great images.  That is why University of Tampa is one of our go to locations for portraiture.  It is a quiet little piece of green amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.  Of course having great people to work with helps as well.  Paola is such a pleasant person.  A sweet soft smile and sensitive eyes.  Reshad was tired and straight off of work but after a moment to breathe from the day and the traffic, he worked well with us.  The weather did make the grounds rather quiet, which helps a person’s mood I think.  Also clouds diffuse the light, which makes us photographers very happy.  We did what we do and gave Paola and Reshad a moment to enjoy each other’s company without the worry of the upcoming wedding plans, work and everyday worries.  I think it worked.  I think I have said enough.  I think the images speak for themselves.  Enjoy!