Tiffany and Dustin’s Engagement Session

Rain, nearly every day.  It’s August, so that is to be expected.  It’s hot, and it’s sticky.  Tiffany and Dustin drove from the East Coast of Florida just for this shoot.  So not a lot of opportunity for a re-schedule here.  The clouds were a little imposing as we started the shoot, and well, it was hot.  However, Tiffany and Dustin were even hotter together, and the rain held off until we were juuuuust finishing up.  We walked the streets and alleys of Ybor City looking for just the right spot.  Lamp posts, brick walls, rail road tracks, dirty alleys and forgotten stairwells were at our disposal.  Where the average passerby may see city filth we see photographic opportunities!  There are the hazards of passing cars and questionable water, but we get through it all with a laugh.  Ybor is great none the less for a more urban alternative to the beaches and parks of Florida.  Lots of great shots, lots of fun.  This wedding is gonna be awesome.