Melissa and Jake’s University of Tampa Engagement Session

Brian loves to photograph Engagement Sessions!  They can carry all the personality, tenderness and love that a wedding day can display but without all the added stress.  There are no time demands, no lurking relatives, it is just the couple and us getting to know each other better, sharing some laughs and capturing this moment in time for posterity.

Melissa and Jake were an absolute joy to work with.  You could tell right away that this couple were very comfortable with each other and that we made them feel comfortable with us as well.  You see, photography is a joint effort.  As a photographer it is my job to know my craft and to engage my client so that they are relaxed and know what is expected of them.  As a client it is your job to let me know if something makes you feel uncomfortable (I normally pick up on these things anyway) and to let go of any negative preconceptions you may have about getting your image captured.  If you have a bad attitude and are unwilling to be present mentally then there really is no hope of me being able to create an image that you will be happy with.  This is one of the reasons why Brian and I, from the very first contact with our clients, strive to be as communicative as possible.  Communication is a key ingredient to creating a happy client relationship.  Apparently Brian did a great job communicating with Melissa and Jake as their session went as smooth as possible.  We joked around with each other and you can see in their images it was indeed a fun time.  Brian and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding!