Ybor City Engagement Session – Kirsten and Mac

Ybor City Engagement Session - Looking for an urban grungy dark and mysterious backdrop for your romantic engagement photography?  Ybor City Tampa has got what you are looking for!  If you have a willingness to deal with some sprinkles, and bring an umbrella, then a bit of rain can make it even more interesting.

ybor city engagement session

Kirsten and Mac dressed up to make the most of their Ybor City Engagement Photos.  A sexy red dress gave each image a pop of color that really brought attention to this handsome couple. Brian and I did our best to keep everyone as dry as possible, but as much as we might like to, weather is something we simply can not control.  We urge our clients to reschedule if at all possible and we keep in contact during the day with our eyes on the sky. Now we know that life is crazy busy and rescheduling isn't always possible, therefore there is always a plan "B" as long as some flexibility is available.

We made the best of the situation for this Ybor City Engagement Session using the reflections created by the puddles and including their umbrella as a prop for some snuggly and sweet imagery.  Helpful hint- when choosing  an Ybor City Engagement Session make sure to dress up like Kirsten and Mac did.  A casual look won't have the same dramatic impact that something more dressy has.  It is the contrast of the dirty urban atmosphere with the sophisticated attire that really creates a fantastic romantic couple's portrait.  I can't stress enough how important thinking about your engagement session outfits is.  We don't micromanage our clients and tell them what to do, but rather guide and direct so that their images can be a true expression of their likes and personality.  Kirsten and Mac did a great job and Brian and I are looking forward to working with them again for their wedding photography!