Ybor City Engagement Session with Alex and Mead

I love names.  I think that comes with having an unusual name myself. So when we met Alex and Mead in front of the Ritz in Ybor I knew right away this was meant to be.  You see, in Brian's and my mythical free time, we enjoy brewing Mead.  So when you meet a guy named Mead... well I'm thinking it is rather apropos.

ybor city engagementYbor was it normal fabulous self.  There seemed to be a few more folks occupying our favorite spots.  No worries, there are plenty more to have and they have as much right to be there as we do. Alex wore the exact shade of blue that creates magic in Ybor.  I have no idea why.  Perhaps it is how it contrasts so nicely with the red brick.  Perhaps it brings some thought of blue skies and clean water to the grungy downtown feel. I don't know it is, but it is wonderful.  We walked and talked, getting to know each other a little better as we stopped for various photographic opportunities.  We strive to make our engagement sessions calm, relaxed and most importantly fun.  I think we succeeded.  Enjoy Alex and Mead's Ybor City Engagement sneak peek.