Crystal Ballroom Clearwater Wedding – Yadaris and Rudy

The Crystal Ballroom Clearwater Wedding of Yari and Rudy was beautiful, touching, emotional and wonderful.

We get asked this question a lot, "Have you ever done a wedding at [insert venue here]?".  So many times people become obsessed with whether a certain vendor has worked at a certain place before.  I don't see the point in worrying, and, let's be honest if no one ever worked at a place for "the first time", NO ONE would ever work anywhere.  No, we'd never had a Crystal Ballroom Clearwater Wedding until this day.

Here's the thing, most professionals can do what they do... anywhere.  Think about it.  If you're having a destination wedding in the Bahamas, do you really expect your photographer to go there to "check out the location" weeks before your wedding?  I hope not.  They why worry if they've shot at a certain venue or not?  The Crystal Ballroom Clearwater Wedding Venue is no different for that.

Yari and Rudy met with us, like we encourage all our clients to do and told us about The Crystal Ballroom of Tampa.  They described a place that I'd never seen.  They said there's not much outside to work with, mostly a parking lot.  They said the room does a changeover from ceremony to reception during the cocktail hour.  Honestly... these things make our lives a little more difficult as Wedding Photographers.  You see, we like to have a place to do the family photos, bridal party photos, and of course some romantics of the couple.  The family at least, we like to do where the ceremony was.  Well, after a bit of begging, we got 10 minutes use of the room before the staff changed it over for dinner.  Then, we headed outside.

However, guess what?  It rained earlier that day, so everything was damp, and it was kinda... gray outside.  This is why you hire a professional, folks.

You see, Derica and I arrived about an hour before our "start time", and did a walkthrough, around, and into the place.  Yep, we checked it out completely.  We met with the people running the show, found out where everything would be, and this is when my begging occurred, if you're keeping track.  Then, we hoped it would clear up a bit outside since I knew Yari really wanted some photos by this "lighthouse" as she described it.  I was expecting some 5 foot tall structure just stuck in the ground from how it was described to me, but... wow... a bridge, arches, rails overlooking water and greenery, and this 50 foot lighthouse looking thing?  Heh, made my day.

Some creative decorating inside turned the entire venue into a pink wonderland of uplighting and fabric.  The girl's dresses complemented the color scheme, and well... it all went pretty smoothly I think.  We even managed to get some pretty amazing night shots of Yari's "Lighthouse" for her.  So next time someone asks if we ever did a Crystal Ballroom Wedding, well, you know.

Derica and I wish Rudy and Yari all the best, they make a great couple.

Here's Rudy and Yari's Engagement Session on our blog:

Derica and I want to thank all the vendors that helped to make Yari and Rudy's Crystal Ballroom Clearwater Wedding day awesome:

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