Wedding Photographers Explained

Yes, we are Tampa Bay Wedding Photographers, and proud of it! What? You think a Photographer is a Photographer, don’t you… Well, let me tell you a bit about being a Wedding Photographer and how about we explain our “system” to you?

First, let’s get some definitions out there and some clarifications. There are MANY types of Photographers. Here’s the “generic” breakdown:

  • Commercial Photographers: They may shoot for advertising companies, engineering firms, the medical industry, corporate reports, etc. Normally, they work directly with the end client (who is usually an editor of some sort) or through an agency for the client. They might work with the general public a little, but not usually very often. They usually have experience with deadlines, pressure, and having a client watching them while they work.
  • Stock Photographers: I could call these commercial shooters too, but, it’s slightly different. You see, while a commercial photographer is trying to work directly for a client, the Stock Photographer is trying to sell images, normally from a website, or index. In other words, they likely don’t have a client for the images they create when they create them, they hope to sell them later.
  • Travel Photographer: Again, could be considered commercial, and even a stock shooter. They travel the world (or go where they are told) and normally write articles to go with their photography. They may photograph specific places, such as a restaurant, or museum, or, more general, as to give a “feel” for a city, or even a country.
  • Journalist: These are storytellers. Not in the magical sense of the word, in the truthful sense of the word. Their job is to document what happens, normally they end up writing a little bit to go with the photos, but not always. If you ever see the letters “AP” or Associated Press near a photo, it was very likely submitted by a journalist.
  • Landscape: All those pretty pictures you see in calendars, postcards, and even wall hangings come from these folks. They get up early, wait a long time for just the right moment, and hope to sell what they create.
  • Wildlife: Similar to Landscape shooters, but they go after things that move, generally. Birds, deer, antelope, bears, whatever. Some specialize in a specific animal, some simply explore and create.
  • Fine Art: These Photographers create art with their cameras. While nearly any photographer can create art, for these photographers, there is usually a meaning or message to their photography. The topics can vary widely as can the message.
  • Portrait: This group is everything from baby photographers to family photographers to Senior Pictures. It’s a big group and about the only thing they have in common is the fact that they shoot people for a living and get away with it.  Also, the sessions are normally short, an hour or less, and they may have a studio to work in or shoot outdoors.
  • Wedding: Last but not least, these photographers photograph… you guessed it, weddings. More than that, they photograph Engagement Sessions, Bridal Sessions, Food, Architecture, Details, Details, and more Details. Yep, you see where I’m going with this. Add up most of the other types of photographers and you have a Wedding Photographer. That’s the expected skill set.

There you have it. Of course, there are more, but that’s the gist. Now that you know the difference, please, please don’t ask your friend the Journalist to photograph your Wedding. They just aren’t trained for it. You might think that the whole “photojournalistic” thing might make them a good candidate, but no, it won’t. They are used to VERY different situations than weddings. At some point, your photographer HAS GOT TO TAKE CONTROL for the sake of your pictures. You see, “true photojournalism” at weddings doesn’t work, people don’t just naturally fall into lovely poses on their own or group together nicely without provocation. Don’t ask your neighbor, the commercial shooter either. He’s used to subjects that don’t talk back. Hire someone experienced as a Wedding Photographer. You won’t regret it. How can you tell if they have experience? Try Googling their name, works every time. A Newbie in the biz won’t have much “paper trail”, but someone with some years as a Tampa Bay Wedding Photographer will have dozens of references to them on the internet. Look at reviews, but remember not everyone leaves reviews, mostly those that were unhappy or bribed to leave one, are who does. Yeah, I said bribed. Well, what else would you call it if a Wedding Photographer offers some product or cash for a good review? It’s bribery. So take review sites with a grain of salt.

Also, if you think you need to spend thousands of thousands of dollars for a good  Tampa Wedding Photographer, allow us the opportunity to prove that theory inaccurate. Take a look at what we have to offer and check out our pricing. We think you will be pleasantly surprised by our quality, creativity, and, our affordability.




Brian C Idocks