Tampa Wedding Photographer

We are Tampa Wedding Photographers.  We pride ourselves in offering some of what we consider the best experience in Tampa Wedding Photography we can.   What does that mean?  Well, studies have shown, most people don't really like having their picture taken.  Normally, it's a long, boring, uncomfortable situation.  Not so with us!  As Tampa Wedding Photographers, we strive to keep your wedding photography sessions FUN!  Wedding Photography does not have to be boring!  Wedding Photography should be fun, exciting, romantic, and..... interesting!  To look at and to experience!  From the moment we begin your Wedding Photography Session or even your Engagement Session, our focus is on you!  Keeping you comfortable, allowing you to enjoy the time, and get some truly great moments.  Many of those that offer Tampa Wedding Photography claim to be "photojournalists", while some truly are, most are simply claiming it to "fit in".  I believe a mix of Traditional and Photojournalistic photography is an absolute must at any Wedding today.  Your Wedding Photographer should be a storyteller, of course they need to have the skills and talent to take a good photograph first.  Having good camera skills is really the least of it to be a Wedding Photographer, not just in Tampa Bay, but anywhere.  Most people who have played with cameras for a little while can create a decent photograph now and then, it's not brain surgery or rocket science.  I'll be the first to admit that.  Still, to be a Wedding Photographer takes so much more than just camera skills.  You see, Wedding Photography is all about the people.  Without the Family and the Guests, it's a Portrait Session.  All those people gathered together to watch and experience the incredible event of two families becoming one create some awesome photographic opportunities for a photographer, but they also create some amazingly complicated and difficult situations to work in. Remember when I said anyone who plays with a camera for a while can likely create a decent photograph every so often?  Well, given good conditions (as in nice scenery, good lighting, weather, etc), cooperative subjects and lenient time schedules, I do believe there are lots of people that own cameras that can make a nice image at a wedding.  Trouble is..... we RARELY if ever get all of those conditions to line up.  Think about it, the Wedding Day is stressful, rushed, and normally complex.  Let's add twenty family and friend's opinions as to how things should be and you begin to see how difficult it can be to not only create amazing Wedding Photography for the bride and groom, but to keep everyone else happy while you do it!  Nine times out of ten, we have limited time, at least one person in the family who doesn't like their photo taken, AND less than ideal lighting conditions to work in, yet, for many years, we've been known and recognized by our peers as offering some of the best Tampa Wedding Photography .  As a Tampa Bay Wedding Photographer, we are expected to produce hundreds of great images every time we photograph a wedding.  This is the difference between having a camera and being a professional Artist with one.  I'm not big into telling customers how great we are, I prefer our work to speak for itself.  Our Wedding Photography Galleries and Client Galleries have hundreds and hundreds of sample images.  Our Blog documents over four years of Weddings and Posts. In short, we are Wedding Photographers offering St Petersburg and Tampa Wedding Photography.  We will travel too, in case you're out of the area.  We're professionals, we take it seriously, and we enjoy what we do.