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Alani and Mike’s Sunset Beach Engagement Session

What do you get when you combine beautiful people, a scenic beach and a gorgeous sunset?  Some pretty amazing photography if I don’t say so myself.  Brian and I had a fabulous time getting to […]

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Sara & Matthew’s Lakewood Ranch Wedding

W hat a way to start out 2014!  The first of anything gains importance as it carries added anticipation and sets the pace for what is to come.  Brian and I always look forward to […]

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Some secrets about Wedding Photography, Photographers…. and… the Industry in General

I used to be pretty vocal on our blog or on another blog I had named Brianized.  I realized that all that vocalization really wasn’t helping any.  I was making myself look like an ass, […]

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Karolina & Mike at Espiritu Santo and Lowes Don Cesar

Brian and I had such a wonderful time photographing Karolina and Mike for their engagement session that we knew their wedding day was going to be something special.  Karolina did a wonderful job setting the […]

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NEW Year, New Resolutions, New Ideas…..

No, I’m not going to blather on about New Year’s Resolutions so if you thought that was what this was about, I’m sorry. Every year right around Christmas, I begin thinking about what to do […]

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The RAW Deal

  It all started several years ago, well, likely many, many years ago.  I can imagine one of our ancestors painting on a cave wall, while the rest of his clan wait with anticipation.  Once […]

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Dana and Nico, After the Wedding…

Now that I have your attention, no, this isn’t one of those posts that tells some sad story or one of those intrusive “day after” photo sessions.  I never did understand those anyway…. but I […]

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More Artist Collection Images?

Mhm, that’s right, here’s some more Artist Collection Images for your viewing pleasure.  This time it’s Erica and Chris at Hollis Gardens in Lakeland.  Beautiful place.  Beautiful people.  Beautiful images.           […]

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New site updates….

Alright, the simple fact that you’re reading this may mean the new servers are up and www.briancidocks.com is back on live. There are still a few glitches to clear up though, please bear with us: […]

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Hmm, this word is one of the many overused words in my industry.  I know my pal Kevin Newsome, for one, cringed if he read the title alone.  It is a word that gets thrown […]

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