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Pier 22 Restaurant Bradenton, Florida Wedding – Clair and John

There were so many wonderful moments from Clair and John’s Bradenton Florida Wedding that I really don’t know where to start. So, I shall start from the beginning. We knew that Clair and John’s wedding […]

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Candace & Ryan’s Safety Harbor Resort and Spa Wedding

I have fond memories of The Safety Harbor Spa and Resort.  It was one of the first places I photographed a wedding at when I came to Florida… fifteen or so years ago.  It’s a […]

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Blueberry Fields Forever

Sometimes it’s good to just be out standing in your field.  Get it?  Outstanding in your…  oh nevermind. Here’s Danielle and Ricky just being outstanding… in a field.  A blueberry field. P.S.  No blueberries were […]

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If given the option… take the bridge.

So… yeah.  During Keiron and Kiandra’s wedding, the onsite coordinator told us about this “bridge” they have.  Now, a lot of golf courses have interesting spots.  Here’s the thing:  There’s usually no time to utilize […]

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Melissa and Jacob’s Innisbrook Wedding

Hugs! Never in my life have I met someone who likes to hug as much as Jake. I mean, a hug is great, and one of the warmest ways to welcome someone, and in Jake’s […]

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“The Rock”

You probably know who Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is, right?  And you’re probably wondering what he has to do with this photo too.  Well… he has a habit of having his photo taken doing this […]

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Prairie Glenn Barn Wedding – Leslie and Evan

We had a great time at Leslie and Evan’s Prairie Glenn Barn Wedding, a country style Barn Wedding with lots of family, friends and good times. So… here’s the story:  We never met Leslie or […]

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I had to share this photo and the story that goes with it.  This is a photo of Leslie and Evan who just got married and Leslie’s brothers and sisters.  All but one person is […]

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Sometimes… it’s just about the moment.

Take a look at the image above.  Go ahead, I can wait. Now… is this the most amazing wedding photo ever?  Nope.  Some might think it’s horrible, I mean, only one little girl is looking at […]

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