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Downtown Tampa Ybor City Engagement Session – Priscilla and Shawn

Engagement Sessions are SO important. I have said this so many times, but it is very important so I am saying it again. Weddings can be stressful but they don’t have to be. If you […]

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Philippe Park Engagement Session Safety Harbor, Florida – Clair and John

It doesn’t take much effort to make your engagement session photographs special. A flirty sundress and a dress shirt can step things up from everyday casual to something a little more. Clair and John did […]

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Ginger and Sean’s Philippe Park Engagement Session

Sometimes… every once in a while…more often for us than others (or so I hear!), things just fall into place.  I mean with our clients.  We say it a lot, but it’s true, we really […]

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Christine and Michael’s Sawgrass Lake Park Engagement Session

I’d spoken with Christine on the phone, we’ve played email tag a few times, but we hadn’t yet met until the session.  That’s not unusual as people have these annoying time-suck things known as… jobs.  […]

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Katie and Taylor’s St Petersburg Engagement Session

In our ongoing series of our Engagement Session Giveaways, I present Katie and Taylor!   Now… we just did another session in the same location just the other day.  Some might think you’d get much the […]

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Noemi and Craig’s DTSP Engagement Session

As many of you might know, we recently did an Engagement Session giveaway.  That’s right, we GAVE AWAY 5 (well 10 actually, we got too many entries!) FREE Engagement Sessions.  Did you miss it?  Well, […]

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Kristen and David’s Philippe Park Engagement Session

So.  People really don’t like having their photo taken.  It’s kind of a fact across most of the board, except Derica, she actually likes it.   Another one is people hate smiling for cameras.  I can’t […]

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Thalia and Thiago, Ybor City at Night

So we did a thing here at BCIPHOTO (like the acronym?).  We held a little contest because we wanted to try something different.  Different?  How?   Well, for one, I wanted to try shooting in the […]

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Hilary & Dachs’ University of Tampa Engagement Session

So, you’re getting married.  Congrats!  Have you considered Engagement Photos?  No?  Let’s chat. I’ve written articles, made thousands of comments, and even more allusions to why you should have an Engagement Photography Session with your […]

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