Stephanie and Patrick’s Crystal Ballroom Wedding, Clearwater, FL

When the weather cooperates, time is on our side, the landscape is lush and flowing, the moon is in just the right spot to align with the planets, the stars in the Milky Way are just so, and all the galaxies coincide to create a perfect moment, being a Wedding Photographer is easy.  I'm no astrologist, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say the odds of all that are pretty slim.  Kinda like weddings.

Things never go the way they're supposed to.  It's a fact.  There will -always- be something that goes wrong.  It could be something so inconsequential as to not even be a blip on the radar, or something huge.  Guess what?  The Wedding Photographer is still expected to produce, no excuses.  That's just how it is.  On a pretty day, with lots of time, and a pretty scene, anyone can be a halfway decent photographer.  Of course, I left out some details that are pretty important, rapport with the clients, knowledge of proper exposure and mechanics of the camera, and then there's of course directing and posing people so they look their best.  That old adage, "It's not the camera." rings true so often, especially today.

Think about that last part... how often do you think a bride and a groom simply fall into a lovely romantic position in just the right lighting at just the right moment when the photographer just happens to be standing there, ready to get that amazing photograph?  Here's a clue, it doesn't happen that way.  As a professional Photographer, it's our job to make those moments, sometimes we just give a little added direction, sometimes we create the whole scene.  My method is to know my couple, and generally, I do.  When you observe people together, you get a sense for how they interact, how they move, and what they do naturally.  I then use that information to create "scenes" for them to interact in.  This is all done behind the scenes so to speak, as I don't really go into detail about what I observed... that would be creepy.

During Stephanie and Patrick's Engagement Session, we learned a lot about them, and, also learned just how close these two are.  That's a beautiful thing, and I love seeing that in our couples.  All of that transferred to their wedding day, and with that knowledge we were able to give them their "own little world" to play in at times and create some beautiful intimate moments just for them.  I don't just mean the obvious ones either, look through the dancing pics, you will see one where the floor is crowded, but, there are Stephanie and Patrick, right in the center, yet it seems as if they are the only ones there.  That's what it means to be a storyteller to me.

Every wedding has a story, some are intimate and romantic, some are fun and silly, some are simply about two people being in love.  The best part?  I get to photograph all of that and so much more.


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