Stark Manor Wedding – Alia and Zaid

A beautiful day at a beautiful location, that is how Alia and Zaid's wedding started.  As Brian and I pulled up to the grounds of Stark Manor we knew that this was going to be a wonderful event.

Of course, part of the reason we knew this is because Alia and Zaid chose the right vendors for their special day.  The time and effort they put forth really did pay off.  Professionals can keep things going when parties take on a life of their own.  If the timeline needs to shift, a well seasoned professional can take it all in stride and still get the job done.  Keeping the guests happy and going with the flow is all part of the job.  Alia and Zaid's special day was all about the celebration, that is for certain.  There was toasts and well wishes, a wonderful feast and lots and lots of dancing.  The elegant outdoor dance floor with surrounding sitting areas made for a great place to enjoy the festivities weather participating or taking a brief rest while still being part of it all.  It was such a joy to see all the love for the newlyweds.  Brian and I wish Alia and Zaid a lifetime of happiness. Enjoy this small sample of their Stark Manor Wedding.



Alia and Zaid's Engagement Sneak Peek:

Stark Manor:

Catering by Robert:

Goldie's Goodies Bakery:

Arabic DJ in Florida LLC: